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Van rental without driver

If what you're looking for is a van cheap rent for a move, to move boxes or just because you are autonomous and are doing a transfer of stock from your business, book with ruzafa the cheapest way. Vehicles have different capacities to book the perfect van, according to your needs at that time.

And remember that in ruzafa , rent a van without driver is simple, fast, safe and cheap.

It is time - saving, and moving or transporting large volumes can step out for a peak. You rent a van with ruzafa it becomes a simple, cheap and very effective to perform such chores task. Neither size nor the price will be a problem because our employees have an offer of vans designed for all kinds of needs.

We provide our customers a simple intuitive search engine, with a few data, you may offer the van that best suits your needs, no matter what size or utility.

We specialize in providing solutions for transportation in vans, at a very competitive price and with the best models on the market, combining safety and efficacy. In addition we adapt to the driver's needs, whether you need to rent the van for a few hours if you want to have the same transportation for several days or longer periods of time.

With the rental service vans ruzafa bureaucracy is simplified and conditions accommodate the current market. It never has been so easy to have a rental van in virtually any of our offices.

Businessmen, traders and transporters in general can have your van in a few minutes, like all those users who need to move home or carry inside or outside the municipality. The secret is in our and in a coordinated effort with the extensive network of offices that will facilitate their van rental service.

In addition it will be important to have quality vehicles in all sizes, all kinds and number of doors for easy raising and lowering loads. Boxes suit every need, from small vans three or four cubic meters of capacity, up more vehicles wingspan of up to 20 cubic meters cash and all at a great price.

 That easy! Save your money and do not pay for any longer than necessary to rent your van.

What size van choose?

We know that capacity and as a van is an important thing to keep in mind when item book and pick your rental van . Therefore, we offer this quick and easy guide so you can take a look at the size and capacity of most popular vans and our main suppliers.

This guide approximate dimensions of the cargo space, the payload and the seating is provided. Note that measurements are approximate and always will have to be taken as an indicator. Make sure you get the right size and make your move, carrying or moving correctly and always tailored to your needs.


Check out our fleet, we have the van you need, from transport small packages to make great changes, especially we have the right size.


Compact vans

This new type of vans halfway Between a car and a small van is perfect to handle Within the city as it is very easy to drive and Its consumption is not excessive.

Cargo space of vans Such is really spacious, has a payload of Usually About 500-600 kg.

Medium vans

They have a great reception from the public and you can serve various kinds of activities, from distributing some flowers, make a small move or take photo sets. In addition to this type of van you get a great fuel because it usually consumes very little and also the safety of load exceeds family-type cars.

Vans with long wheelbase

These types of vans are ideal for larger and heavier loads. Fuel consumption in such vans is lower but the cost is usually higher because the cargo space is more than considerable and ceilings are usually very high. Sure how it will carry the load inside the van to pack well and do not move to increase safety and prevent accidents.

These types of vans are commonly known as LWB (Long Wheel Base) and no problems to be driven by drivers who are accustomed only to car driving, yes, a little practice always helps.

Renting vans or trucks huge

We recommend renting a truck or van with more than 12 m3 capacity in the following cases: if your move is complete, if you have to carry several appliances plus a refrigerator type washing machine, etc.

For example in a truck with a capacity of 15 m3 can be transported moving a floor 3 rooms or the equivalent of 80 cartons.


Cities where rent our vans